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From the creators of Food Truck Festivals of America (FTFA),
we are now Food Truck Ventures (FTV).


The whole idea for FTFA started back in 2011 when we were reading about this new trend in dining out called “food trucks”. They were big in LA. They were parked in NY. They were hot in DC. They were starting to arrive in New England.


Our first festival at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA featured eight trucks…and 4,000 people showed up. We were stunned. Then came our second. 12 trucks and 6,000 people. Then our third. 18 trucks and 10,000 people. At that point, we knew we were onto something and onto something big.

So, since 2012, FTFA was the only touring food truck/craft beer festival production company, bringing the fun and variety of food trucks to thousands of foodies around the country.

Until 2020.

When COVID hit, we sold FTFA and created Food Truck Ventures, under which we now operate Neighborhood StrEATs & StrEATs for Schools, a hyper-local program that safely brings food trucks to neighborhoods and can fundraise for non-profits, and Food Trucks 2 Go (FT2G), our catering division for corporations.

Our mission from the start has been to support the food trucks, who are all small businesses, while providing a safe dining option for the public.  Most ordering is done online in advance, and COVID rules are followed.  We are sad to see the food truck industry shrinking -- but we take pride in trying to generate some support for the trucks while also safely & creatively feeding some neighbors & neighborhoods.

That's our story -- for now.  More chapters to come, we are sure.

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The past year has been tough on everyone -- particularly tough for small business like food trucks.  Many trucks did not survive. Our goal is not only to generate some business for our friends, the food truck owners, but to also provide a safe dining option (most order online) for beleaguered neighborhoods and neighbors, as well  as companies trying to encourage their employees to return to their offices.  We also began using food trucks to help schools to fundraise.


We aim to share the "food truck experience" with foodies who appreciate convenience and the gourmet food they create.



Executive Producer Anne-Marie Aigner can best be described as a gifted trend-spotter. When she noticed a gap in Boston’s food truck industry she saw an opportunity to fill it with something divine. Food truck festivals are not just a trend on the West coast…they are a movement that has slowly trickled through the Midwest and finally landed in the East. 


In fact, not only have the trucks arrived, but, based on the number of calls we get from businesses and communities,  so have the festivals, private events with food trucks, corporate catering events -- and the public's love for food trucks. So,  when the pandemic hit and Anne-Marie sold Food Truck Festivals of America, we pivoted and instead created Food Truck Ventures, booking local events in New England. Are the food trucks here to stay? If you’ve eaten from a food truck, you already know the answer.

In the News

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From catering to frozen meals to home delivery, they've made major changes to survive the last 18 months.

Thank you to the Boston Globe for covering this story. 

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The Neighborhood StrEATS food truck program in Watertown and Belmont is helping raise money for local PTOs.

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Our initial goal first and foremost was to keep the food truck industry alive.

Thank you to Wicked Local for covering this story. 

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Want a Food Truck in your Neighborhood?

Bringing food trucks to neighborhoods is a "No Brainer"!

Here from Sue O'Connell and Anne-Marie Aigner.

Thank you to Sue O'Connell and NECN for covering this event.

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